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NYSED Data Reporting

The Data Reporting section provides information on the electronic systems used to securely transmit data between the New York State Education Department and the entities who are required to collect and report it to NYSED. In addition, it provides supporting requirements and resources for school officials and other reporting entities to verify that the data they have collected and reported are accurate. It also provides, in the form of reports to State and Federal policy makers, parents, and the general public, the final outcomes of these data collection efforts.

Data are collected from schools, districts and other education providers through the use of computerized data systems, then issued back to them in various forms as reports and tables. Data are collected and reported in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Regulations may contain specific requirements about how data are collected and reported, and policies often provide guidelines as to what may be considered valid data, both for collection and reporting.

Requirements and Policies
Reporting Systems
and Portals
ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) Reports: Produced by NYSED in compliance with ARRA requirements for numerous programs and projects. IRS Portal: Secure file distribution application. Access managed through SEDDAS (see below). Public district, BOCES and Charter users log on to download files issued by IRS staff.
ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) and NCLB (No Child Left Behind) accountability resources. L0H (Level 0 Historical): Application used to update records prior to the current school year.
NYS Report Cards: District and school enrollment, teacher, fiscal data; Federal and state accountability status; Student assessment results; Graduation, transfer, post-graduate plan data. L2RPT: Select grades 3-8, HS and other verification reports; ISRs (Individual Student Reports). Statewide (Level 2) data, hosted at regional (Level 1) centers for constituent districts and schools.
Other Reports and Resources (Accountability, Assessments, Fiscal, Institution, Personnel, Programs, Student, General Info) NYSSIS (NYS Student Identification System): Assigns new IDs or matches to existing unique statewide student identification numbers.
Elementary/Middle-Level ELA (English Language Arts) and Mathematics: NYS Testing Program (NYSTP) grades 3–8 ELA and math; tools for understanding data. PD System: Pupils with Disabilities Verification Reporting system. (VR report details on the SEDCAR site.)
Distribution of High School Graduates and College-Going Rate for New York State. SEDDAS (SED Delegated Account System): Allows executive administrators of select reporting entities to provision accounts for select SED systems.
Education Statistics for NYS: Trends in enrollment, expenditures, local assistance, Federal aid, staffing, and post-secondary financial aid.

SSEC (School Safety and the Educational Climate) Reporting on violent and disruptive incidents (VADIR) and harassment and discrimination (DASA).

Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting (VADIR): Data on violent and disruptive incidents in districts and schools. Part 1 of the School Safety and the Educational Climate (SSEC) report.

Teacher Access and Authorization System (TAA): Allows teachers to access and verify reports containing data specific to their teaching responsibilities, including the Teacher-Student Roster Verification Report.

Data Coordinator Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) : Resources to assist Data Coordinators with reporting Teacher Student Data Linkage, including the Teacher Student Roster Verification (TSRV) Administration Application.

Dignity For All Students Act (DASA) Reporting : Data on material incidents of discrimination and harassment in districts and schools. Part 2 of the School Safety and the Educational Climate (SSEC) report.
UIAS: Unique Identifier Audit System provides select audit reports to LEAs and non-public reporting entities. Teacher & Professional Staff Data
Statistical reports on public school personnel derived from the Personnel Master File (PMF).
Archived and Historic
Systems and Reports
Public Schools Enrollment and StaffEnrollment by grade, racial/ethnic distribution, affiliation. Professional staff by grade level.
nySTARTnySTART Web site (NYS Testing and Accountability Reporting Tool): Former system for viewing select reports on student assessments, district and school summaries, and previews of NYS Report Cards.
Nonpublic Schools Enrollment and StaffEnrollment by grade, racial/ethnic distribution, affiliation. Professional staff by grade level, affiliation.
Chapter 655 Report (Report to the Governor and the Legislature on the Educational Status of the State’s Schools). Trends in NYS student enrollment, performance, graduation, and postgraduate plans; teacher qualifications; school expenditures.

School Directory: School names, addresses, telephone numbers and administrators for Public and Non-Public Schools.

Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) Report Cards: Fiscal, staff, and student enrollment, assessment, career, etc. data for BOCES programs. .
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