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                                                                                                        April 2, 2010

To:              District Superintendents

                   Superintendents of Public and Nonpublic Schools

                   Presidents of Institutions of Higher Education that Conduct Driver and Traffic


                   Education Summer Programs

From:          Howard J. Goldsmith

Re:             Summer School Driver and Traffic Safety Education Programs

Revised and updated guidelines for Driver and Traffic Safety Education (DTSE) were issued in March.  These new guidelines no longer require a special program application to conduct summer school DTSE programs.  The new guidelines allow for up to three years of course approval irregardless of semester (fall, spring and/or summer) in which a school, college, or BOCES will be conducting the DTSE program.

              As we transition to this new broader based efficient program application process, you should evaluate your current approval to ensure your program is properly certified to be offered during the summer.  Please review the three possible situations below to ensure that the proper action is taken for your specific DTSE program in regards to upcoming summer administration:

Program status A:  Program is within its three year (fall/spring) course approval timeframe and is planning to apply for its summer approval.

Action needed:  It is recommended that your program reapply for a three year approval listing each semester (including summer) in which you plan to administer a DTSE course on form DE-1 section 2.

Program status B:  Program’s three year (fall/spring) course approval is about to expire, and is seeking its next approval to conduct a summer, fall, and/or spring program.

Action needed: Your program must reapply for up to a three year approval using form DE-1. Under section 2 of form DE-1, your application must indicate the semester(s) (summer, fall, and/or spring) in which you intend to offer the course.

Program status C:  Program only operates during the summer and is seeking renewed approval.

Action needed:  Your program may apply for approval for up to three summers using form DE-1.

Form DE-1 is the revised application for obtaining program approval.  Please note that programs must receive approval prior to the first day of class in order for your students to be eligible to be issued the DTSE course completion certification (MV-285) from the DMV; therefore, applications must be received by SED at least four weeks prior to the program start date to be properly reviewed, processed, and registered by SED and DMV.

Please contact our Driver Education Unit within the Office of Career and Technical Education at (518) 486-1547 or e-mail at emscdrved@mail.nysed.gov if you have any further questions or concerns.

Last Updated: April 2, 2010